• Land Consulting

    Knowledge of the technical aspects of systems, combined with sound business acumen, allows YES to be very efficient and competitive when servicing your land needs.

  • Acquisitions and Divestments

    YES provides land and technical support for both your Acquisition and Divestment needs.


  • Land Conversions (Asset Integration)
    YES uses land systems technology to ensure your acquired land asset information is integrated into your existing land systems, allowing high priority processes to be available to the land department in a timely fashion after an acquisition. YES specialized in CS Explorer to CS Explorer and CS Explorer to LandRite.  YES will provide manual input, electronic conversion (or a combination of both) of land information into your existing Land Management Software System. YES will ensure that Mineral and Surface Land rentals, lease continuations and expiries, acreage reporting, and other pertinent processes are available quickly after acquisition to provide base business with the information to manage the acquired assets.
  • Specific Conveyance Document Preparation and Distribution
    YES has developed a secure client portal that allows a secure and convenient alternative to mail delivery.  Clients are given a unique and secure website portal to download all their conveyance documents.  Not only does it save time and money it contributes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efficiencies.  YES will provide specific conveyance documents generated electronically from the Land System for all Contracts, Mineral and Surface Leases, Easements, Joint Venture Agreements, Wells, Facilities, and Units saving valuable time, resources and money. YES will prepare specific conveyance documents for Marketing Agreements, Field office leases, Vehicle registrations etc.
  • AER DDS Transfers
    YES creates structured XML files to electronically bulk load into the DDS website for Wells, Pipelines and Facilities.
  • Buyer’s Due Diligence
    YES provides experienced land professionals to conduct Buyer’s Due Diligence. YES works with companies to establish the level of due diligence required and streamlines those efforts into a well-organized and documented process. YES utilizes technical consultants to provide accurate production data in order to evaluate the due diligence process in terms of prioritizing the assets and determining what level of due diligence is required.
  • Inter-Departmental Asset Assimilation
    YES will ensure that the ownership of the new assets as reflected in the land system, will sync with the ownership information of accounting, operations and engineering.
  • Seller’s Due Diligence
    Using a combination of land and technical experience, YES will provide Seller’s Due Diligence in an efficient manner that reduces the review time thus allowing clients to get the properties on the market quickly. YES will scope and prioritize the due diligence utilizing production data either from internal or external sources thus focusing on the higher valued assets where defects could affect purchase price evaluation.
  • Schedule Preparation
    YES will streamline your Divestment processes to ensure accurate Schedules are prepared by running data integrity reports on the land system to bring any inconsistencies to the forefront. Many errors or omissions can be quickly identified and resolved thus ensuring that the Schedules are prepared accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Asset Termination
    YES can effectively and efficiently terminate the divested assets within the land system.