• Acquisitions and Divestments

    YES provides land and technical support for both your Acquisition and Divestment needs.

  • Land Consulting

    Knowledge of the technical aspects of systems, combined with sound business acumen, allows YES to be very efficient and competitive when servicing your land needs.


YES provides land and technical support for both your Acquisition and Divestment needs.

  • Land Conversions (Asset Integration)
    YES uses land systems technology to ensure your acquired land asset information is integrated into your existing land systems, allowing high priority processes to be available to the land department in a timely fashion after an acquisition. YES specializes in CS Explorer to CS Explorer and CS Explorer to LandRite.  YES will provide manual input, electronic conversion (or a combination of both) of land information into your existing Land Management Software System. YES will ensure that Mineral and Surface Land rentals, lease continuations and expiries, acreage reporting, and other pertinent processes are available quickly after acquisition to provide base business with the information to manage the acquired assets.
  • Specific Conveyance Document Preparation and Distribution
    YES has developed a secure client portal that allows a secure and convenient alternative to mail delivery.  Clients are given a unique and secure website portal to download all their conveyance documents.  Not only does it save time and money it contributes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efficiencies.  YES will provide specific conveyance documents generated electronically from the Land System for all Contracts, Mineral and Surface Leases, Easements, Joint Venture Agreements, Wells, Facilities, and Units saving valuable time, resources and money. YES will prepare specific conveyance documents for Marketing Agreements, Field office leases, Vehicle registrations etc.
  • Buyer’s Due Diligence
    YES provides experienced land professionals to conduct Buyer’s Due Diligence. YES works with companies to establish the level of due diligence required and streamlines those efforts into a well-organized and documented process. YES utilizes technical consultants to provide accurate production data in order to evaluate the due diligence process in terms of prioritizing the assets and determining what level of due diligence is required.
  • Inter-Departmental Asset Assimilation
    YES will ensure that the ownership of the new assets as reflected in the land system, will sync with the ownership information of accounting, operations and engineering.
  • Seller’s Due Diligence
    Using a combination of land and technical experience, YES will provide Seller’s Due Diligence in an efficient manner that reduces the review time thus allowing clients to get the properties on the market quickly. YES will scope and prioritize the due diligence utilizing production data either from internal or external sources thus focusing on the higher valued assets where defects could affect purchase price evaluation.
  • Schedule Preparation
    YES will streamline your Divestment processes to ensure accurate Schedules are prepared by running data integrity reports on the land system to bring any inconsistencies to the forefront. Many errors or omissions can be quickly identified and resolved thus ensuring that the Schedules are prepared accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Asset Termination
    YES can effectively and efficiently terminate the divested assets within the land system.


YES assists Junior Start-up companies and companies new to investment in Canada establish Land department practices and procedures. Daily Land Administration in all areas of Mineral, Contract, Surface and Joint Venture is available.

  • Growth requirements
    Land support is provided and changed to meet the needs of your Land Assets as they grow over time.
  • Office Space requirements
    YES Energy provides land administrative support either in the client’s office or in YES Energy’s offices.
  • Exit Strategies
    YES Energy provides Human Resources so when your company is sold, you only need to cancel the service.
  • Consultants
    YES Energy hires consultants of various levels of expertise in Land and Joint Venture Consulting, allowing the proper use of Junior, Intermediate and Senior resources. This strategy provides clients with quality services at reasonable rates.
  • Management
    YES Energy manages your Land Department and ensures your corporate reporting requirements are met.


YES experts specialize in project management and are skilled at balancing fluctuating priorities, schedules, resources and costs to deliver on-time, on-budget projects that satisfy high standards and expectations. Proficient at mitigating risk, managing stakeholders and ensuring the flow of communication, YES can ensure your projects have the expertise and support they require to succeed.

  • Assess and Scope the Project
  • Develop a Plan utilizing the clients business requirements including budget and time constraints
  • Design the Project accordingly utilizing YES’ unique combination of Land and Technical aptitude and experience
  • Provide an Estimate for the Project
  • Resource the Project with YES multi-level qualified land and technical consultants
  • Execute the Project and provide status reports to the client that fosters consistent communication of time-lines, budgets and unforeseeables
  • Issue a Final Report summarizing the Project


Businesses need to make wise decisions and informed decisions can only be made with good data – data that is accurate, complete, consistent and has integrity. YES can assess the current state of your data, review how your data is managed, create a plan for data cleansing and create standards to ensure good data going forward.

YES provides data integrity reports which identify inconsistencies or errors in land data and works with its clients to prioritize cleanup efforts based on the integrity reports. YES provides multi-level experienced land consultants to provide the land expertise required to facilitate a focused clean up and to ensure the land data is consistent with the clients land administration practices. Data Integrity reviews gives the Land Department the assurance that its records are correct and can be passed onto other Land System user groups such as Accounting and Engineering.


Business Processes are important to running your business efficiently, however, they are invisible without proper documentation and communication. YES is experienced at documenting, facilitating and communicating vital business processes and procedures – involving all stakeholders in the process and using our proven methodology. YES can assess the current state of your business processes, uncover business risks, identify and implement quality control measures. YES will recommend improvements that will increase efficiencies and be reflected on your bottom line.


YES provides a unique approach to recovering missing revenues from your company. Combining technical and land resources enables YES to compare ownership records with production and revenue to ensure the company is receiving correct and accurate revenues. With statute of limitation laws in Alberta, this exercise should be at the forefront of all businesses and should be done on a regular basis and at the onset of any A&D activity.

  • Accurate Well Revenue Collection
    Production Accounting handles royalty payment receivables, however, the Land Department is responsible for the royalty information in the land system, and the tracking of non-operated wells. A good process for communicating this royalty information from Land to Accounting is required. At many companies, this process is either inefficient or non-existent. YES can assist with this process and ensure you are up-to-date with your royalty receivables.
  • Trespass Issues
    With Structured Rights and Zonal dispositions being common business, it’s difficult to effectively and efficiently monitor trespass situations. YES combines land and technical expertise in quickly identifying and researching potential trespass situations thus reducing risk exposure to your company.
  • Road Use Collection
    Construction and maintenance of roads is a costly venture for companies. Offsetting these costs by charging companies for road usage is important. YES can assist to ensure that third party billing is occurring, and that the Road Use contractual agreements are tracked properly in the land systems.


YES provides offset information so that companies can be proactive with Offset locations. Rather than reacting to an offset notice which generally gives 30 days to either drill, surrender or pay compensatory royalties, YES can identify potential offsets to give companies time to evaluate them and make decisions. YES provides technical and land resources that work together to identify potential offset locations utilizing lease, mapping and production information so that clients can proactively add locations to their drilling program or farmout these rights. This process is especially useful when companies have purchased land assets that they are trying to develop.


When considering your software solution options, YES experts can provide a comprehensive assessment evaluation of your existing processes, procedures, needs and requirements. While understanding where you are today, YES can create a detailed strategy to get you where you need to be. Our trusted experts can provide practical recommendations on process and procedural improvements. If a solution recommendation is appropriate, we can make informed, unbiased recommendations. Our experts can knowledgeably assist with software selection by developing demo scripts based on your key needs and requirements, as well as communicate with the software vendors to ensure the best value for your investment. Involving YES in the software selection process ensures your organization is able to evaluate all appropriate solutions without bias to find the best application for your unique requirements.

Once a solution has been identified, YES is focused on deriving the most value from your software investment. Our experts will help you merge best practices with new software functionality. YES stays focused on your company’s business objectives, ensuring that the implementation is efficient, economical, timely and well-managed. YES is experienced in providing comprehensive project planning and scoping, system configurations, data scrubbing & formatting, user training and documentation.