“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

While our industry has been challenged before, this last year is unlike anything we’ve seen. Most of us have made major adjustments to the way we work and can expect that some changes are here to stay.

In Land, remote work can be a challenge. But there’s comfort in numbers. The widespread uptake of “WFH” has already provided advantages, in terms of improved technological infrastructure and a more flexible perspective towards remote work. At YES, our infrastructure has supported remote work for almost a decade. These practices have certainly helped us adapt quickly during the last year, and have been integral to the consistent and secure support we’ve been able to provide to our client base.

At YES, we work with oil & gas clients on land and technical support. A&D projects can generate thousands of conveyance documents. Custom reports can have hundreds of columns. Who hasn’t spent an inordinate amount of time printing, stapling, and sorting conveyance documents? One of the silver linings this year has been a shift towards the electronic hosting and distribution of conveyance documents. By using a secure, web-based portal, our clients can easily access documentation, track access with audit capabilities, and eliminate the need for printing and couriering costs.

We’re pleased to support Land professionals who seek flexibility, efficiency, and productivity in their careers. It’s not always an easy change, but the “fast-forwarding” of technological innovation will be a net benefit to our industry.

To hear more about how YES Energy is helping companies electronically create and distribute conveyance documents email us at divest@yesenergy.ca