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    YES Energy protects your assets.

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    From due diligence, conveyance documents to land system integration, YES ensures your divested or acquired assets are titled and ready to move forward.

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    YES uses land systems technology to ensure your acquired land asset information is integrated into your existing land systems, allowing high priority processes to be available to the land department in a timely fashion after an acquisition.

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YES Energy Source is a project-driven, independent, technology and business solutions company. Based in Calgary, YES bridges technical and business knowledge to provide efficient, cost effective and quality Land Management work. YES creates, implements and manages projects for system conversions, data conversion, data integrity, policies and procedures, document review, offset well identification, area realignment, royalty revenue recoveries and electronic conveyance documentation. YES Energy Source is focused on helping clients increase their operational efficiency within their Land management teams. YES Energy Source helps clients increase their operational efficiencies through improved business process. By conducting a practical assessment of your existing processes, requirements and procedures, we compare our results with your strategic organizational and budgetary objectives. We’re experienced, pragmatic and hands-on. Our goal is to help companies extract the most value from their land management systems by providing thorough assessments, realistic recommendations and practical solutions.

Our services include:

  • Acquisition and Divestment
  • Land System Conversions
    • CS Explorer to CS Explorer
    • Pandell LandRite to CS Explorer
    • CS Explorer to Pandell LandRite
  • Data Conversion & Clean-Up
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Project Management
  • Assessments and Solution Selection
  • Business Process and Procedure Design
  • Land Integrity Data Audit