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Asset Management

Asset Management is often overlooked by small and medium sized companies in the Energy Industry. YES Energy Source consultants have decades of experience helping small and medium sized companies understand the value of their physical assets and to achieve a maximum ROI through meaningful maintenance and supply chain management.

YES Energy Source has established an Alliance Partner with Infor that focuses on their Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management (INFOR EAM) application.  YES has also partnered with other Asset Management applications allowing us to give our clients industry leading solutions that fit their needs.  YES is able to provides implementation and support services to customers across North America.

YES specializes in the following areas of Asset Management:

A YES Assessment will establish the status of asset management tools, processes and procedures currently used and the type of tools, processes and procedures that will be required in the future. The assessment is the first step towards successfully identifying and achieving corporate asset management goals.
An Assessment:

  • Identifies the key asset management stakeholders and documents their requirements
  • Evaluates a client’s level of maturity as it pertains to our Asset Management Maturity Matrix
  • Identifies the desired level of maturity

Provides recommendations for advancing the client from the current state to the desired state. This may take the form of identifying major projects that need to be completed, or simple enhancements to existing tools, processes and procedures.

Solution Selection
In the cases where a YES Assessment recommends the implementation of a new software solution, YES can:

  • Supplement existing goals with greater detail to determine system requirements and their relative importance
  • Provide a template for evaluating vendor solutions
  • Identify solutions in the market that will potentially meet those requirements. YES is not affiliated with any particular software vendor. We provide independent evaluations based on the needs of the client
  • Work with software vendors to develop structured scripts that demonstrate how their systems address the requirements
  • Schedule demonstrations
  • Negotiate the purchase of the solution selected by the client

System Implementations
Once a solution has been identified, YES is focused on deriving the most value from your software investment. Our experts will help you merge best practices with new software functionality. YES stays focused on your company’s business objectives, ensuring that the implementation is efficient, economical, timely and well-managed.YES is experienced in providing comprehensive project planning and scoping, system configurations, data scrubbing & formatting, user training and documentation.

Business Process and Procedure Design
YES approaches business processes and procedures with a keen, critical eye. Your day-to-day process are likely complex, requiring the deft integration of business processes, systems, people and strategy. YES is experienced at documenting, facilitating and communicating vital business processes and procedures – involving all stakeholders in the process and using our proven methodology.YES can assess the current state of your business processes, uncover business risks, identify and implement quality control measures. YES will recommend improvements that will increase efficiencies and be reflected on your bottom line.

Key performance indicators are key objectives that your department strives for. These are typically discussed in your annual performance reviews. YES can help you, as a Manager / VP, monitor and achieve the objectives you set. 
Develop a matrix to measure the companies effectiveness and complaintancy that will be used for the assessment.

Project Management
YES experts specialize in project management for implementation or acquisition projects. We are skilled at balancing fluctuating priorities, schedules, resources and costs to deliver on-time, on-budget projects that satisfy your high standards and expectations.Proficient at mitigating risk, managing stakeholders and ensuring the flow of communication, YES can ensure your projects have the expertise and support they require to succeed.