• Acquisitions and Divestments

    YES provides land and technical support for both your Acquisition and Divestment needs.

  • Land Consulting

    Knowledge of the technical aspects of systems, combined with sound business acumen, allows YES to be very efficient and competitive when servicing your land needs.

Project Management

YES experts specialize in project management and are skilled at balancing fluctuating priorities, schedules, resources and costs to deliver on-time, on-budget projects that satisfy high standards and expectations.  Proficient at mitigating risk, managing stakeholders and ensuring the flow of communication, YES can ensure your projects have the expertise and support they require to succeed.

  • Assess and Scope the Project
  • Develop a Plan utilizing the client’s business requirements including budget and time constraints
  • Design the Project accordingly utilizing YES’s unique combination of Land and Technical aptitude and experience
  • Provide an Estimate for the Project
  • Resource the Project with YES multi-level qualified land and technical consultants
  • Execute the Project and provide status reports to the client that fosters consistent communication of time-lines, budgets and unforeseeables
  • Issue a Final Report summarizing the Project